Alisa Yang is an antidisciplinary artist and independent filmmaker. She received her BFA from Art Center of Design in 2009 and MFA in Interdisciplinary Arts at the University of Michigan in 2016. Her practice is rooted in collage across medium; from two-dimensional work to installation and film, she explores themes of language, cultural identity, memory, and sexuality of diasporas. Her work has been shown at Riverside Art Museum, Orange County Center of Contemporary Arts, and New Mexico Museum of Art with reviews in LA Times, Hyperallergic, and Huffington Post. Her recent short films, Please Come Again (2016) and Sleeping with the Devil (2016) won the first Los Angeles Asian Pacific Film Festival Golden Reel Awards for Short Documentary and the Ann Arbor Film Festival’s Best Regional Filmmaker award, respectively.


CONTACT:   alisa.y.yang@gmail.com